first comments

we are half way done setting up our first installation “ole tule mine”, when an old man approaches from the other side of the ringi street alley. he notices something leaning against the tree trunk, so he walks closer, bends over, looks at it and then all of the sudden, kicks it with his leg. the door jumps off from the tree trunk and the man continues his way. then he notices the other door. he goes to it, bends over, picks it up, looks at it maybe a second or two and then tosses it over his shoulder. the door lands on the other side of the tree. the man notices the third door on the diagonal of himself and start moving towards it. i do the same. i pick up the mans trajectory by approaching the tree form the other side of the alley. eyes set on the man and the legs rushing towards the door. the man notices the rushing legs and changes his route. we pass each other in the middle of the alley and third door is saved. we continue installing the paper doors on the trees and after some while another male passer-by stops, looks at the door and then turns to us with a question, if he could go inside the timber through the door (pääsekö tästä ovesta puun sisälle?).

ole tule mine

these doors can be just doors or objects made out of paper. as well everything and nothing at the same time, these doors can be even fly-catchers as one passer-by suggested. there is no right or wrong answer. there is just the beauty of noticing, stopping and letting your imagination run freely.

katri © picture by alide


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