you’ll find your way…

sometimes in life,  we have to go through many roads with “dead end’s”, before we arrive to the destination, which feels right for us. just remember: not to give up! believe and trust. there is light at the end of every tunnel and there is a way out from every labyrith too. you just need to have little more faith in yourself. you can do it. you’ll find your way!


tammiku studio © picture by katri


jägala waterfall

“plahvatavad helid”                                           “explosive sounds”
see heli paneb seest kõikuma                             this sound makes you rock inside
ja tundma väge,                                                   and feel the power,
mis kisub endaga kaasa                                      which drags you with it

jägala waterfall / alide © pictures by alide


shadow installation in the NUKU Museum of Puppet Arts


The installation catches the viewer’s eye with light and shadow techniques, inviting them to think about the essence and possibilities of visual art from different angles and to see things through 360 degrees.

AUDITORIUM’S JOURNEY NO 6, at NUKU museum © picture by martin