blackmagic – pure evil or pure art?

the first thing that came to my mind when i heard about blackmagic was witchgraft and evil stuff – poisoned foods and imprisoned souls in bottles. but oh, boy, i was wrong… this blackmagic family: blackmagic ursa mini pro 4,6k (1),  blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k (2), blackmagic cinema camera 2,6k (3), blackmagic micro cinema camera (4), blackmagic micro cinema camera (5) and blackmagic micro cinema camera hinding above (6) changed my mind. this family does have supernatural powers indeed! supernatural powers of capturing pure art in the tiniest detail!

capturing ice auditorium / katri © photo by alide

season VIII

has already started. and here comes the late opening.
it’s almost a year ago since we last posted anything. time has flown by…
what we have been up do?
hmm…let us think.
life? & working with “ice auditorium” new edition.
ice auditorium?
yes, stay tuned! there is someting great happening before the year 2019 ends.
all we can say now is that the chairs are already cooking in the freezer!!!

performance-installation ice auditorium / katri © photo by alide

fading performance…

jääauditoorium eng flaiku.jpg
friday 12.10 at 18:00(!) at rapla county centre for contemporary art / katri  © poster by alide

“ice auditorium” has mind of it’s own,  it doesn’t really care about our human-time (about the traffic jams or a bad weather), it follows the rules of the nature – constant movement, constant circulation until it stops (fades) and after that, there will be no signs as if it ever existed! so in order to see something, we kindly suggest you to be there (at rapla county centre for contemporay art) on time (at 18:00 o’ clock, punctually:)).