growing landscapes

flowing water has the power to make sharp edges smooth – over the time stones wear out.

there are places, where waters consist so much minerals, that it makes the underwater landscapes to grow. layer by layer sediment is added to the soil, which takes soft rounded shapes under cause of flowing waters.

boa tong waterfall, northen thailand / alide © photo by alide


a walk in the bowels of the earth…

we are moving underground with latern. we have chosen a path what most people will not. it’s too dark and too creepy. there are moments when we crawl through narrow channels to wide spaces, from where the views open, which bring forth the deepest of silence. 

caves can be unbearably hot. it has a surreal effect – to be in a dark space, where the temperature is extremly high – heartbeats become close by.

DSC_0186                                       chiang dao caves, northen thailand / alide © photos by alide                                                



do you recognize situation or two?
maybe you have been in it?
maybe somebody has forced you in it?
remember, you decide when it’s not right for you!
stand up and change your position.

auditorium in filosoffen-odense, denmark / katri © picture by alide