season VII

recipe for lab test no “who knows what number?”:

handful conversations about fading art
several glimpses of the idea (jan-march 2017)
1 proposal for EV100 festival
1 rejection letter
5 months long pause (march-oct 2017)
1 heureka moment for the name (oct 2017)
1 can of unsuccessful testing (strate to the trash)
1 bottom burnt pot we couldn’t save
1 bottom burnt pot we managed to save
1 melted plastic scoop
2 stoves (one already gave up on us…)
several yellow stripes
a lots of blue smoke and outdoors vanilla “pudding” cooking and cutting
a lot of recistance from the unfamiliar material
a lot of unwanted bubbles
a lot struggle with the temperature
unknown number of unsuccessful test pieces
definitely some gray hair and moments for desperation, but after 7 months of testing (in august 2018),
we might be on to something…

SEASON VII is ready to kick off, here we come!

 tammiku studio / katri © picture by alide

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