AUDITORIUM at windkunstfestival

“bewegter wind”
northen hesse, germany

art interacts in northern hesse with wind and weather: “moved wind” stages wind art in this varied landscape. valleys, heights, cityscapes form background, reference and sometimes counterpoint to the landscape exhibition. wind objects, installations, performances and video art promise nature experiences in specific landscape situations. wind is visible and experiencable between art, meteorology and mythology.

the exhibited works focus “changing horizons” in many different ways: movement within landscapes. changing personal horizons and kens. perspectives. insights. utopias. boundless wind. renewal. relocation.

alternating wide views and wood cabinets await visitors at the exhibition tour on burgberg in trendelburg-deisel. in hofgeismar there are two venues: the offenberg itself is a landscape sculpture with impressive flora. the theodor-rocholl park at the station provides a stage for the small river esse. satellites with seperate artworks promise stunning views and vistas: the friedenseiche as a nature phenomenon and oberhaldessen with its 4 wind turbines. we invite you to rediscover this landscape with art and wind.

exhibition opening:
14th august 2016,  at 11:00 am
burgberg, trendelburg-deisel

welcome in the wind art country nordhessen!


bewegter wind © venues map by bewegter wind


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