blue springs of saula II

there is something magical about this place. it sizzles like a high-voltage power line, but not from voltage, from peace. it’s like a magnet with changing poles. it’s constantly pushing and pulling me, towards and against, so i freeze on the shore. i’m fighting with myself. i have the urge, the desire to experience the calmness even more closely. i want to dive into its blue eyes. it seems like it would bear my weight and that it would soothe me even more. but i know, that in the exact moment i would dive in, i would vanish. i would become as thin as air. and i would be gone completely! with no possibilty to return, what so ever. so there is a fight, there is a struggle and in the end i manage to silence the voice of a “more” and meet the peace inside me.

the water of the spring has believed to have healing power, though it is not free to take. you have to give something to the spring in exchange. otherwise the guardian of the spring, siniallika tölp might come to get you!


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