potern & it’s deceptive first impression

friday, 4th of july. the opening day of the art exhibition “master & margarita”. our last assembly place the potern also know as the hidden gate. based on the first glance the space seemed to be worthy of its name — installation area felt calm and even little bit deserted. it’s fallacy appeared 30 minutes before the opening gala as we went back there, in order to place the name tag to the installation. we noticed the “touchdown”. the score was officially open 1:0 vehicles leading against paper figures, destruction over maintenance, spectators over artists etc. by 11 p.m there was no standing figures left, only small pieces of the paper on the places where the figures used to stand. almost the same scenario repeated itself on monday on the 6th of july. 10 minutes after the restoration of the installation (replacing the figures with wired-legged ones) we witnessed the first “touchdown” of that day. after the run-over the figures looked like ski-jumpers in tire patterned costumes preparing to take off as the wire-system was working and putting up a fight. unfortunately the wire-system just wasn’t enough — by the end of the day all the figures were flat as the broken tire. the hidden gate turned out to be not so deserted after all. so despite of sadness in  our hearts we decided to remove our installation from the hidden “motorway”. as it would have been impossible for us to restore it every single day up to the 15th of august. the “movement syndrome” in potern continues to reside on the pictures and in our hearts.

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PEATUS mini-installation “liikumise sündroom” (“movement syndrome”) in potern

katri © pictures by alide


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